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Our Sweet Lemons is where this mother and her daughters share our recipes, our tips and tricks and a whole lot of fun along the way. We may live in four different states, but there's one thing that's certain... LOVE  is always an ingredient in each of our recipes as well as our posts. We should also declare right here, right now that we are lemon freaks. We love love love lemons! They are often a secret ingredient in our recipes.

Introducing... our team!

Blessed to be the mother of four sweet daughters and have adopted as my own, the darling wives of each of my sons. So many cooks surely sweeten our pot. I absolutely love sharing with them all I've learned about cooking. All too soon they fly from the nest to make homes of their own. Then it's just a matter of time before our chats turn from "Mom, how do you make..." to "Mom I just made this amazing recipe that you've gottta try." That's when I begin calling them for ideas on what to cook for dinner! Ahhh, the Circle of Life... it's what living is all about.

Brand new to "Mommyhood" but not to cookin'. I learned to make rolls from my mom and older sister when I was just old enough to fit the roll of dough in my fist. Kept on cookin' and have received the title of "good cook" from my husband. What more accolades do you need than that? I can make just about anything... with a good recipe. Admittedly, not every dinner always turns out spectacular, but that just makes more room for dessert!

To be truthful, cooking is not my favorite thing to do. You put so much effort into something only to have it be EATEN! However, I do LOVE good food. And, it does feel good to know that I made something amazing. My husband is probably a better cook than I, because of his willingness to try new things and his artistic personality. But let's be honest... I do 99.8% of the cooking around here, because I'm home! So, I have the privilege and responsibility to feed my family of 6 and keep them happy and healthy. It's a big job, but I think I do it pretty well...!

I like to eat and hate to cook but someone has to feed this family of mine! I'm a fan of all foods tasty, though it's easy to forget that "tasty" can sometimes be confused with fatty. As the years go by and my metabolism begins to slow down I'm discovering the importance of watching what I eat. I'm on a quest to deliver healthy yet delicious meals, snacks, and desserts to my family. Join me as I explore healthy foods without sacrificing deliciousness and find the "tasty" in healthy.

"Mom, what’s for dinner?" The loaded question. Some weeks I have a well executed meal plan and the meals I prepare are easy and delicious. Other days it seems I’m scrambling to put anything edible on the table. I find cooking a challenge – meeting the demands of picky eaters, finding dishes that are hearty and healthy, having the details prepared so I can enjoy the meal too, and providing a peaceful atmosphere where conversation and family time is the focus. Luckily, I enjoy the challenge and after years of practice have a personal “go to” book with meal options for our family. I consider every meal on the table a small success, but it's little sentences that make it especially rewarding for me: “I liked that cookin’ Mom."

I grew up eating fantastic meals fixed by the loving hands of my mother. When I got married and had kids of my own, I came to expect that same quality food to appear on my dinner table. I learned as a young mother that I have ultimate control of the health and nutrition of my family. I have been blessed with four very good eaters. There are times I feel like I am cooking for a small army! After every meal I fix, one of my sweet sons will, without fail, come give me a hug and thank me for making him dinner. I'm pretty sure that in and of itself is enough reason to cook! As dinner time approaches my kids start to panic if dinner is not in the works. I sometimes worry that I'm not going to be able to keep up with the ever growing appetites of my troops. I have always loved eating good food and so I have learned to love cooking!

Cooking isn't one of my priorities as a full time graduate student, but the urge to make good food runs in the family so I do my best to cook every once in awhile. On an easy week you might find me pacing in the kitchen with my phone to my ear as I ask my mom or sisters for help with whatever dish I'm trying to prepare. I've been on my own for several years, but I still have issues thawing chicken and problem solving why my cookies turned out wrong again, so I turn to family for help! Since I'm not a great cook yet, the best solution I have found to eating delicious food is to visit each of them at their dinner tables! Gas to get there is pricey, but there's nothin' better than good food and good company!

Being the teenage girl that I am, I rarely have time to even eat breakfast or lunch. But I love coming home to warm homemade dinners. I hardly ever have time to cook, but you are always welcome to cook for me. :) When I do have time, I like to cook! Molten Chocolate Cake is my favorite... yum!

Even though I’m just beginning to cook, I love whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. It’s a great way to thank my mom for all the time she puts into cooking for me and my three little brothers. And my favorite part about being in the kitchen? Taste-testing!!!
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