Monday, June 20

Cucumber Cooler

Cucumbers? That seems to be everyone's first thought when they see this beverage. But once you get past that and are brave enough to take a sip, your taste buds will say WOW!

Loved it when my son-in-law entered the kitchen just as we finished making this for a family dinner... "Don't freak out, I know I made a big mistake, we meant to add lime slices." I let him grin for a second or two, then added, "Just kidding!"  The look on his face was priceless. The grand-kids had sour looks on their faces as well when they politely asked not to have a cucumber from the punch bowl. One by one they all came over into the light, with an approving "This is good, grandma!"

Picture taken in This Grandmother's Garden
Cucumber Cooler

2 bottles Sprite
1 can limeade concentrate
cucumber slices
ice (crushed or pellet)


         Delicious and so refreshing!
                      We're pretty sure you're gonna love this!


  1. Made this last night! So yummy to my tummy!

  2. Breanne you're having yummy food/drinks without us?! :)


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