Friday, August 31

Orange Cream Popsicles

I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Kara.
She's beginning to love cooking and is excited to be a new contributor to Our Sweet Lemons. 
She is a great help in the kitchen. 
Who wouldn't love someone to whip up a batch of cookies whenever you get the craving?!

Here is Kara's favorite popsicle recipe:

Orange Cream Popsicles
By Kara!!!!!

Just tried this Popsicle recipe today from Really yummy!
Here’s the super duper easy recipe:


  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream (Tip: My family likes the home style ice cream from Safeway.)
  • 1 can / *6 ounces orange juice concentrate
  • 12 molds or paper cups (We just got new Popsicle molds from a friend!)
You just put it all in a blender and mix it up! Pretty easy, right?
Once it’s nice and smooth, pour about 3/4 cupful into your molds and put it in the freezer. It usually takes a couple of hours to freeze completely.
Hope you like this recipe! 


*When Kara made these, she used a 12 oz can of orange juice, not realizing that the recipes only calls for a 6 oz can. 
They were still delicious!

We found this and many other fun Popsicle recipes through this link:

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  1. Welcome to Our Sweet Lemons, Kara! I can't wait to try this yummy looking treat. Love you!


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