Thursday, February 17

Chocolate Cake

My husband forgot (neglected) to get me a birthday cake last year. He did some other sweet things for my special day and considered that to be enough, but no birthday cake. I'll admit, I was kind of disappointed; after all, a birthday just isn't a birthday without a CAKE. So to prevent any problems or misunderstandings this year, I planned on making my own cake.

So what kind of cake...Well I knew it should be chocolate, that's pretty much a separate food group for me. I remembered the name of this blog I had heard about recently, and decided to look there. I searched for "Chocolate Cake" and bam, this beauty came up. Just the fact that it was in "the best recipes" category, already had me sold. I was making this cake AND the frosting that was professed to be magical.

It was DELICIOUS. It was fun to make too. I didn't do much differently, but I did change the's now called the Happy Birthday Cake! I will be making this again, but maybe next time in cupcake form, and I think I'll try the CHOCOLATE frosting instead of vanilla. I only did the vanilla this time because the hubby isn't really a chocolate fan (weird I know), so I was hoping he would want to eat some of my birthday cake since it had vanilla frosting.

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  1. I WAS a little shocked at the vanilla frosting! Hope it made for a happy (and magical) birthday. That website looks fun!


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