Thursday, February 10

Squisito Spaghetti

"This week I have spaghetti on the menu-- one of my favorite foods. But I am craving a really good, meaty spaghetti sauce. Actually, what comes to mind is something I had a long time ago at YOUR house, Megan! I remember that David made us some spaghetti a few times and if I remember right, he made up his own sauce. It was yummy and I'm wondering if you can give me some guidance on how to recreate it? Pretty please? KellyAnne  :)"

 *Squisito Spaghetti
*The Italian word for Delicious!

KellyAnne, our spaghetti sauce is always a combination of: 
canned tomatoes (2-14 oz cans) 
tomato sauce 
and tomato paste 
(until you get you're desired consistency.) 

We brown our ground beef with chopped onions. 

As far as spices go, David likes to use...
Herbs de Provence
Italian Seasoning
garlic salt
 garlice powder or fresh garlic
 (not necessarily all of those, just whatever you like the best.) 

Sometimes he adds... 
a bit of olive oil 
(not sure why he does that) 

and he used to add... 
a pinch of sugar 
(which I freak out about.) 

I'm not a fan of sweet spaghetti sauce, I like it tangy, and the longer you simmer it, the deeper the flavors will be. 

We also use... 
Angel Hair pasta 

I'm sure this is about as clear as mud, but this is how we do Spaghetti!

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