Wednesday, February 9

Frozen Chicken Tip

Recently I've learned many of my friends have never cooked completely frozen chicken tenderloins! If they need chicken pieces for a meal they pull it out a few hours earlier and thaw it before they need it. They were very excited to learn that frozen chicken can cook in about 10 minutes on the stove top. I use this method weekly for BBQ chicken salad, tortilla soup, fajitas, chicken casseroles, etc.

First: Put the chicken (breast or tenderloins) in the pan and turn the heat to medium high. I usually sprinkle my seasoning on at this point so it can reconstitute as the chicken cooks. Put the lid on and let it cook for 7-8 minutes.

Second: Take the lid off and if the chicken is starting to turn white on the bottom, remove the lid.

Third: If you need pieces, now is the time to cut. I use a fork and kitchen shears to get the pieces as small as I need.

Fourth: Continue cooking and stirring until chicken is cooked through and the liquid has cooked off.

Fifth: My favorite part is browning the chicken. I love the flavor and the color. So once the liquid has completely cooked off pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil in and let it cook until you get a nice brown color.

*For a no fat version, turn the heat on medium and keep the lid on until the chicken is cooked all the way through. Remove the lid, turn the chicken on medium high to reduce the liquid, turning each piece several times until the liquid is gone. The liquid caramelizes as it is cooked and will coat the chicken in a yummy brown flavor that adds no fat.


  1. I have GOT to get me some kitchen scissors like that! Brilliant. I always take the chicken onto a cutting board and hack away at it with a knife. This looks way easier.


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