Tuesday, August 2

Shrimp and Mango Kebabs

Grill up these delicious kebabs for a lazy Summer dish that will satisfy the gourmet in your guests. Easy to assemble but oh so...WOW!
Shrimp and Mango Kebabs

40 raw shrimp, tail on (31–40 count gives you approximately 1 lb.)
3 firm mangoes
1 cup Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce
8 bamboo skewers soaked in water for 30 minutes
Thaw shrimp if frozen.
Peel mangoes and cut into chunks about 1 inch thick.

To assemble:
Slide 1 skewer up through the fattest part of the shrimp.
Thread a chunk of mango so it’s just touching the shrimp.
Repeat, allowing 5 shrimp and 4 mango chunks per skewer.
Brush with the sweet red chili sauce.
Continue basting as they barbecue.
Grill 2 minutes per side or until shrimp are firm and opaque.
Serve with Mango Chili Dipping Sauce.
Makes 8 kebabs, or 4 servings.

1 cup pureed mangoes
3 tbsp. Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce
Blend in Sweet Red Chili Sauce.
Let flavors mingle for an hour before serving.
Makes approximately 1 cup.

To change up the flavor a bit, try pineapple or cantaloupe as a substitute for the mango.

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